To Back Up The Words, The Team Offered Jackson A Lucrative $85.5 Million Contract, $42 Million Of Which Would Be Guaranteed.

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Joeckel was the starter at right tackle a year ago, leaving only Cann and Parnell to return to their normal starting positions. Linder is currently out with a groin injury, while Beachum is still recovering from his offseason ACL surgery. Linder played right guard for the Jaguars the past two seasons, though he missed the team’s final 13 games a year ago due to a labral tear in his left shoulder. The lack of carryover from 2015 is a reason why projected starters Beachum and Linder need to get back to action as soon as possible so that the O-line can start building some cohesiveness and confidence prior to the start of the regular season. –The Jaguars made Malik Jackson a priority once free agency opened up in March. Jacksonville latched onto the former Denver Broncos defensive tackle, convincing him that he would be the key to an improved pass rush. he has a good pointTo back up the words, the team offered Jackson a lucrative $85.5 million contract, $42 million of which would be guaranteed. That was enough to get Jackson leave the comfortable surroundings of a stout Broncos defense and come to play for a suspect defense in Jacksonville. Thus far, both sides are happy with the way things have worked out. Jackson has been impressive in the first eight days of training camp, often overwhelming his teammates on offense with bull rushes or quick moves to the inside.

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