So You’ve Got Fish And Birds Competing For Access To Our Waterways And Here’s A Scenario Where The Government Wants To Come Down And Give Priority To Birds, Said Attorney Leland Garvin.

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FWC wants to not only ban boaters from the island but put up a buffer zone that would keep boats 150-feet away from the islands between Pine Island and Sanibel-Captiva. Boaters argue the proposal is a look but don’t touch scenario. FWC claims that the ban is necessary to protect birds which nest on islands like these, but fishermen disagree. Hemp Island, Useppa, and Broken Island are among those that FWC wants to make off limits to boaters. So you’ve got fish and birds competing for access to our waterways and here’s a scenario where the government wants to come down and give priority to birds, said Attorney Leland Garvin. Garvin spends his weekends on the waters off Sanibel, and he’s upset with the proposal that for Thunder PG Payne undergoes foot surgery | Sports | now would ban boaters from visiting the islands during the offseason. When the little guy wants to go out and use a parcel of our public lands, the area left of us– in some cases, in disturbed areas it can be aggravating, Garvin said. Godfrey makes a living on the water and agrees. The last thing you should do in the United States is ban something, said fisherman David Godfrey. He’s upset with a 150-foot buffer zone around the islands.

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