Rafters Who Manage To Reach U.s.

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“Cubans must know that the only way to come to the United States is by applying in Cuba, ” Reno said. Rafters who manage to reach U.S. soil will be candidates for deportation, another dramatic change. go right hereReno said they will be “placed in exclusion proceedings, and treated as are all illegal migrants form other countries, including giving them the opportunity to apply for asylum.” Previously, most were paroled and — under the Cuban Adjustment Act automatically received legal U.S. residency a year and a day after arriving in the country. But administration officials were not ready to say any Cubans would actually be deported. “That’s a ways away, ” said Alex Aleinikoff, general counsel for the Immigration and Naturalization Service. “We don’t have any people in that category. I don’t want to deal with a hypothetical.” The Cubans in Guantanamo will fly to the United States at the rate of 500 a week.

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